Professional Experience

2009Guest lecturer at Harvard University's Department of History of Art and Architecture, "Greenberg in Outer Space" for the symposium "Clement Greenberg at 100: Looking Back to Modern Art"(April 3, 2009)
Guest lecturer at Lafayette College
1991-2 World Tour with Art Blakey Jazz Messangers
1990 Director, Alexander Workshop, Alexander, South Africa
1986 Guest Artist, Emma Lake Artist Workshop, Saakatoon, Canada
1985 Artist in Residence, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York
1985 Workshop leader for Africa artists, FUBA-UKSSALEP-J.A.F., Johannesburg, South Africa
1985 Desmond Tutu dedicated to the people of Johannesburg, South Africa "Silver Dawn", large steel sculpture
1974-76 Faculty, Franconcia College, New Hampshire
1971 Curator, The Deluxe Show, Houston, Texas
1968-75 Associate Director, Perls Gallery, New York, New York
 Painter, Rambush Decoraters Local 104, painted Trinity Church, Federal Courthouse New York City, Judson Memorial Church


Selected Permanent and Private Collections

Museum of Modern Art, New York City
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
African American Museum, Los Angeles (with catalog)
Andre Emmerlich Gallery, New York City and Zurich
The Industrial Bank of Japan, Hong Kong
Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield, Connecticut
Hayward Museum, Hayward, California
University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey
University of California, Berkeley, California
Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, Ohio
Chairman Bank, Boston, Massachusetts
Johannesburg Art Foundation, Johannesburg, South Africa
Witherspoon Art Gallery, University of North Carolina
Creative Art Center, West Virginia University
Arthur Rock, San Francisco
Mary Francis Rand, New York, NY
Council and Deloris Porter, Detroit, Michigan
William and Gertrude Sypert, Detroit, Michigan
Calvin Porter, Los Angeles, California
Gill Evans Family, New York, NY
Dr. Bankes, Los Angeles, California
Dr. Kenneth Judy, New York, NY
Dr. Steven Miles, Denver, Colorado


Grants and Awards

2002Pollack Krasner Award
2001Wheeler Foundation
2001Artist Foundation
1994Pollack Krasner Award
1983Andy Warhol Foundation Exhibition Grant
1985United States-South Africa Leader Exchange Program: Braafountai, Johannesburg, South Africa
1983National Endowment for the Arts, invitational residency at the Clayworks Studio Workshop


Selected Solo Exhibitions

Cross Path Culture
1993Kenkeleba Gallery, New York, NY
1986Gallery Hirondelle, New York, NY
1985Gallery Hirondelle, New York, NY
1982Dyansen Gallery, New York, NY
1981Hedgeepeth & De Staycker, Bruxelles
1974Cusack Gallery, Houston
1971-74Andre Emmerich Gallery, New York, NY


Selected Group Exhibitions

 2002No Greater Love: Abstraction, Jack Tilton/Anna Kustera Gallery, New York, NY
 2002 Cross Path Culture NYC show with John Hersey (Feb 12 - Mar 5)
 2001 Multi Cultural Gems, Curated by James Little
 1985 Gallery Hirondelle with Suzanne McClelland
 1984-85 Pater A. Bradley/Suzanne McClelland, Gallery Hirondelle, New York, NY
 Gallery Hirondelle with Suzanne McClelland
 1984 Paintings, Federal Plaza, New York, NY
 1984 Walk,Harkrader and Ross, Washington D.C.
 1983 Yale on Trial, 22 Wooster Gallery, New York, NY
 1983 Clayworks Studio Workshop, New York, NY
 1982 White Gallery, New York, NY
 1972-76 Andre Emmerich Gallery, Zurich
 1972-76 Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, Connecticut
 1973 Thirty Black Contemporary Artists, Rice Univeristy, Houston, Texas
 1972-73 The Whitney Museum of American Art "Biennial", New York, NY
 1972 Art of McGovern, Sidney Janis Gallery, New York, NY
 1971 Some American History, Rice University, Houston, Texas
 1971 The Deluxe Show, Houston, Texas
 1971 Toward Color and Field, Houston, Texas
 1970 Martin Luther King Exhibition, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
 1970 Ruder and Finn Exhibition, New York, NY
 1968 The Minneapolis Museum of Art, Minnesota
 1966 Printers of Yale, Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Connecticut
 The Michigan Annual, Detroit, Michigan



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 2001 Arts Magazine, interview with Jim Walsh by Peeri
 2001 "New Miles Davis Book", interview with James Swede
 2001 Interview with John Pfefer, Fulbright Scholar, Research of Abstract Arts' influence upon South African culture
 1990 Miles Davis Autobiography: Quincy Toupe
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 1968 Moffett Newsletter
  Letters from Klaus Gunther Perls (1912-2008, son of Katie Perls and dealer at 1016 Madison Ave where Peter A. Bradley was Associate Director) in the Smithsonian Institute



2002"So What: The Life of Miles Davis", by John Szwed
  Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Gregory Davis